Remanufacture your engine the right way

We specialise in full Rebuilds of your existing Engine which keeps the originality of your serial numbers. We do not supply used or partially Reconditioned Engines. Simply enter your reg number to begin…

The process starts by removing your engine from the vehicle and then fully stripping it down.

All parts are then cleaned properly to remove any metal fillings carbon, grime etc. The cylinder head is then pressure tested and then skimmed if required.

All valves are re-seated and any damaged ones are replaced with new. The engine block is checked and re-horned if required. The Crankshaft will be checked to ensure it is not warped or damaged in any way.

Provided all the major components pass these tests the engine is rebuilt with new bearing shells and piston rings together with all gaskets, timing belt or chain and water pump.

The engine is then re-installed and the coolant system refilled and a road test carried out to ensure it passes our quality checks.

28 day price guarantee

12 Month Warranty

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All Ford Transit Engines

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Remanufacture your engine the smart way with Engines 4 U


Our quotes are valid for 28 days! We strive to provide fair and accurate quotes for all our services including:-

– Engine rebuilding
– Supply and fitting of reconditioned engines
– Engine recovery services

In order to receive our quotes, we will require your full name, telephone number, email address and your vehicles problem, if already established. We guarantee strict confidentiality with all our customers’ information. In case of any questions on our quotes and services, you can reach us through our phone. Apart from information on quotes and services, we will also be happy to take you through the engine rebuilding process in a clear, step-by-step process for your comprehension and satisfaction.


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We also provide a ONE Year (or 12,000 miles) warranty on all our services including fitting

This is a testament to our company’s commitment to providing quality servicing for all our customers. More information on our warranty and rebuild policies will be conveyed to you by our representatives on call.



Save Your Time and Energy…..and your Original Engine Number!

You also won’t need to change your engine number since engine rebuilding does not require a complete overhaul of the engine provided your engine block is not irreparably damaged. This will save you numerous DVLA and insurance company visits and you also won’t have to change serial numbers.

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